Eel Space will be at the MDW Fair. Come by and say hi, look at the work, and get a special tarot reading.

Zak Arctander // Photos
Katy Collier // Prints
Geoffrey Hamerlinck // Drawings
Rebecca Schoenecker // Photo, Paintings, and Tarot Readings

Eel Space presents work by four artists whose work lie somewhere between magic and the subversion of capitalism. Zak Arctander’s recent photographs consider a moment of experience between life and death in relation to commodities. Katy Collier submits personal meditiations of everyday experience and nature. Geoffrey Hamerlinck’s hand drawn animations are humorous takes on the commercial format, simultaenously twisted and innocent. Rebecca Schoenecker presents performative objects that blur art and life, a tarot deck with deep psychic powers that she made in its entirety, and a worn object that interrogates the gaze.

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